I am an herbalist, homeopath, artist and lover of nature passionate about sharing the wisdom of nature’s bounty and beauty. I live on an island in the pacific northwest, where I gather herbs to make medicine, grow organic food, and love the animals and people I share my life with.

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Jamie Capranos


  1. Hi, i’ve been using homeopathic remedy – Hyland’s #12 Silicea 6x for my fingernails, hair, and teeth……… daily dose – 4beads x4 times/day….. this has been ongoing for a couple years….. and when I stop, my nails aren’t good, nor are my eyebrows or eyelashes…..

    My question is, how long should I be using this product – and can you inform me what my side effects may be – can’t seem to get a good reply…

    Your assistance would be appreciated.


    Lynda Grant


    • Generally speaking, you can take Sil 6X daily, indefinitely, similiar to how you’d take a vitamin. I do not know of any cases with side effects taking this remedy in this dose, for this purpose. However, every person’s body is unique, and it’s possible that a person can have an unwanted effect from any gentle substance.

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